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Inclined Plane Maze


Suspended T-Maze


Cheeseboard Maze


Six Arm Maze


Olfactory Hole Board

The Olfactory Hole Board test is an adaptation of the classic Hole Board Test that is often used in the assessment of unconditioned behavior, cognition, and social interaction.

Double Y Angulated Maze consist of two Y mazes joined at the end of each tail

Double Y Angulated Maze

Forced 2-Choice Maze

Forced 2-Choice Maze

Circular central platform T Maze offered by MazeEngineers is used in experiments to investigate spatial navigation in rodents

Circular Central Platform T Maze

Hierarchal Maze

Hierarchal Maze

Double Bandit T Maze

Double Bandit T Maze

Gap test is by Learoyd and Lifschitz is in rats, where they use their whiskers to judge whether the distance of an elevated gap is crossable

Gap Cross Test

Angle Entrance Task was devised for a diffuse brain injury rat model

Angle Entrance Task

Fictive Reward Maze is a learning task that involves studying and observing surroundings and making adaptive future choices accordingly

Fictive Reward

Elevated T-Maze represents a model of anxiety that can discern between panic disorder and general anxiety disorder

Elevated T Maze

Six Alley Task requires that the animal remember and select a correct arm out of a set of geometrically similar

Six Alley Maze

Four Box Maze

E Maze

H Maze

Double Y-Maze is used in the evaluation of mnemonic functions in rodents

Double Y Maze

The four-compartment environment is made from acrylic and consists of four rectangular boxes.

W Maze

Double H Maze

Double H Maze

Crossword Maze

Town Maze

Town Maze

Object Space Task

Dry Morris Water Maze

Maze was first described in the literature by Sato et al (2017) for learning and memory

Lattice Maze

Odor Span Test

Magnetic self administration runway apparatus consists of parallel magnetic rails, set a few centimeters apart from each other

Magnetic Self Administration Runway

Win Stay Maze

Two problem T maze used by Granon et al (1994) in working memory investigations

Two Problem T Maze

Mirror Chamber Version 2

Delayed Matching to Place (DMP) Barnes Maze

Spatial Reorientation

Escape Hole Radial Arm Maze

Controlled Y Maze

Controlled Y Maze

Randomized Barnes

Ziggurat Task

Ziggurat Task

Mirror Chamber Test

Multivariate Concentric Square Field Test

Multivariate Concentric Square Field Test

Self Administration Runway

Self Administration Runway

Continuous Angled T Maze

Continuous Angled T Maze

Morris Water Straight Swim Channel

Morris Water Straight Swim Channel

Morris Water Snowcone

Morris Water Radial Tread


Hairpin Maze

3D Radial Arm Maze

Bowtie mazes are used for a variety of choice experiments for mice and rats

Bowtie Mazes

Lashley III