Magnetic Self Administration Runway

Marmoset Light Dark Box

Elevated Asymmetric Plus Maze

Triple Horizontal Bars

Static Rods Test

Two Problem T Maze

Mirror Biting Elwood

Mirror Biting Balzarini

Mirror Chamber Version 2

Continuous Novel Object Recognition

Delayed Matching to Place (DMP) Barnes Maze

Spatial Reorientation

Escape Hole Radial Arm Maze

Controlled Y Maze

Randomized Barnes

Zebrafish Bifurcating T Maze

Novel Object Recognition Asssay

Multivariate Concentric Square Field Test

Self Administration Runway

MWM Open Field Tower

Stress Alternatives Model Maze

Continuous Angled T Maze

Morris Water Straight Swim Channel

Morris Water Snowcone

Morris Water Radial Tread

3D Radial Arm Maze

Attentional Set Shifting (IDED) Chamber

Visual Cliff Test

Successive Alleys

Asymmetric Walkway

Mammalian Diving Response Apparatus

Skilled Forelimb Test

Horizontal Ladder

Repeated Acquisition and Performance Chamber

Tail Suspension

Novel Object Recognition

Elevated Plus Maze

Radial Arm Maze

Forced Swim Test

Morris Water Maze

Conditioned Place Preference