The Suspended T-Maze is used to assess spatial orientation. It was created by Tali Kimchi et al. (2004), in an experiment to check the evidence of the use of reflected self-generated seismic waves for spatial orientation in a blind subterranean mammal(mole-rat).

The maze consists of two transparent Perspex tubes joined to form a T-maze comprising a long entrance tube with two movable doors, one near the entrance and the second half way along, intersecting another perpendicular tube in the middle. A slit is cut out along the entire length of both tubes to ensure that the seismic signals would be transferred only to the paws of the subject via the maze floor.

Mazeengineers offer the Suspended T-maze. Custom coloring and customization are available upon request.

Suspended T-Maze

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Price & Dimensions

Suspended T-Maze

$ 2490

  • Length of acrylic board: 140cm
  • Width of acrylic board: 80cm
  • Heigth of acrylic board: 2cm
  • Thickness of sponge: 4cm
  • Diameter of transparent Perspex tubes: 6cm
  • Length of entrance tube: 60cm
  • Length of perpendicular tube: 50cm
  • Width of slit cut out along the entire length of both tubes: 3.5cm
  • Heigth of maze above acrylic board: 1cm