Five rods are included in the order. 35 mm, 28 mm, 22 mm, 15 mm and 9 mm width rods are included in your order for five total, each 60 cm in length. Each rod is fixed by a G-clamp to a laboratory shelf to assess motor function. The end of the rod near the bench has a mark 10 cm from the end, to denote the finishing line. The height of the rods above the floor is 60 cm.

OPTIONAL: If your laboratory does not have a 60cm bench, an optional wall with soft landing compartment can be ordered. Inquire for more details.

Request Static Rods

Request Static Rods

Price and Size

Mouse & Rat

$ 990

  • Rod 1: 35mm, 60 cm length
  • Rod 1: 28mm, 60 cm length
  • Rod 1: 22mm, 60 cm length
  • Rod 1: 15mm, 60 cm length
  • Rod 1: 9mm, 60 cm length