Bowtie mazes are used for a variety of choice experiments for mice and rats. We offer two separate models frequently used and cited in the literature:

Model 1: Used for projection experiments onto the floor. Smaller and more compact. Can be later converted into a choice experiment as well with the inclusion of a small separator. Color: Clear, White, Grey, Black available

Model 2: Used for choice experiments for mice and rats. Complex IDED experiments can be performed. Color: Solid White, Grey, Black available

Price & Dimensions

Mouse (Projection)

$ 1290

  • Middle Chamber Length: 20.5cm
  • Chamber Wall Long Length: 38cm
  • Chamber individual wall: 20.5cm
  • Angles: 150 degrees

Rat (Projection)

$ 1390

  • Middle Chamber Length: 34cm
  • Chamber Wall Long Length: 63cm
  • Chamber individual wall: 34cm
  • Angles: 150 degrees

Mouse (Choice)

$ 1890

  • Length: 80 cm
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Middle Corridor Width: 8cm
  • Middle Corridor Length: 10cm
  • Separator Length: 13cm

Rat (Choice)

$ 1990

  • Length: 120 cm
  • Width: 100 cm
  • Height: 50 cm
  • Middle Corridor Width: 12cm
  • Middle Corridor Length: 16cm
  • Separator Length: 20cm

Request a Bowtie Maze

Request a Bowtie Maze