Zebrafish Bifurcating T Maze

MWM Y maze

Novel Object Recognition Asssay

Novel Object Recognition Asssay

MWM Float

Mirror Chamber

Tilt Ladder

Tilt Ladder

Self Administration Runway

Self Administration Runway

MWM Open Field Tower

Continuous Angled T Maze

FTIR Walkway


Hairpin Maze

zebrafish associative learning

Zebrafish Associative Learning

3D Radial Arm Maze

Attentional Set Shifting (IDED) Task Chamber

Visual Cliff Test

Bowtie Mazes

Lashley III

Successive Alleys

Asymmetric Walkway

Mammalian Diving Response Apparatus

Skilled Forelimb Test

Zebrafish Place Preference Test

IDED Operant Chamber

Automated Hole Board

Zebrafish 3 Chamber Choice

Zebrafish Vertical Tank Array

Zebrafish 5 Choice

Zebrafish Rotation Test

Zebrafish Tap Test

Zebrafish Bite Test

Zebrafish T Maze

Zebrafish Larvae T Maze

Drosophila Maze Array

Aron’s Test

Horizontal Ladder

Geotaxis Test

Body Turning Test

Repeated Acquisition and Performance Chamber

Vogel’s Test

Morris Water Maze Heater



Active/Passive Avoidance Shuttle Box

Learned Helplessness

Fear Conditioning

rotarod apparatus procedure

The Rotarod Apparatus

Hole Board

Hebb Williams

Automated Y Maze

Balance Beam


Tail Suspension

Pellet Dispenser

Automated 8 Arm Radial Maze

Automated Elevated Plus Maze



Novel Object Recognition

open field test

Open Field

Automated T Maze

Elevated Plus Maze

Barnes Maze

Barnes Maze

Zero Maze

Zero Maze

Y Maze 2



T Maze

Radial Arm Maze

Forced Swim Test

Morris Water Maze Protocol

Morris Water Maze

Conditioned Place Preference

Light Dark Box

Adjustable Platform