Modified Visual Cue Y Maze

Sociability Chamber Optogenetics Modification

Elevated T-Maze represents a model of anxiety that can discern between panic disorder and general anxiety disorder

Elevated T Maze

Dry Morris Water Maze

Zebrafish Y-Maze is an adaptation of the rodent Y-Maze

Zebrafish Y Maze Flow Modification

Radial Arm Number Variants

Radial Arm Length Variants

Morris Water Maze T insert

Morris Water T Maze Insert

Mazeengineers modification of the Y maze includes two removable rectangular wire grid cages for social interaction

Social Y Maze

Elevated Asymmetric Plus maze is an apparatus first described by Ruarte et al (1997) as a method to encourage explorative behavior in the rat

Elevated Asymmetric Plus Maze

Two problem T maze used by Granon et al (1994) in working memory investigations

Two Problem T Maze

Mirror Chamber Version 2

Delayed Matching to Place (DMP) Barnes Maze

Escape Hole Radial Arm Maze

Controlled Y Maze

Controlled Y Maze

Randomized Barnes

Morris Water Plus Maze Insert

Morris Water Y Maze

Morris Water Maze Release Device

Morris Water Maze Release Device

Forced Swim Tail Suspension Combination

Forced Swim Tail Suspension Combination