Meet the Labyrinth

Meet the Labyrinth


  • The Labyrinth core is composed of adjustable inserts
  • 3 Layers: Top (Roof) Layer, Main (Arena) Layer, and Bottom (Mechanical) layer.
  • Inserts allow modifications of the core into an automated version of over 20 modern behavioral apparatuses.
  • This same machinery allows for entirely new types of automated tests, which is the true strength of the Labyrinth.

Designed for Translational Utility

Touch Sensitive

  • The TILT feature allows all acrylic or interchangeable inserts to be touch sensitive, creating touchscreen like capabilities throughout the entire maze.
  • This allows for operant conditioning mazes with simple exchangeable inserts

Active Safety

The Labyrinth continuously scans the interior arena to track animals, providing real-time feedback to help avoid injury to animals even for long term living. The Labyrinth is designed to minimize injury to rodents during protocols.

Novel Features

New technology begets new paradigms. See the entirely new things the Labyrinth can do.


Established methodologies. Labyrinth is a Behavior Core in one machine

Labyrinth Horizontal Ladder

Labyrinth Horizontal Ladder

Labyrinth Lashley III

Labyrinth Lashley III

Maze Engineers Labyrinth Place Preference

Labyrinth Place Preference

Maze Engineers Labyrinth Open Field

Labyrinth Open Field

Maze Engineers Labyrinth NOR

Labyrinth NOR

Maze Engineers Labyrinth Rotarod

Labyrinth Rotarod

Maze Engineers Labyrinth Sociability

Labyrinth Sociability

Maze Engineers Labyrinth Hebb Williams

Labyrinth Hebb Williams

Maze Engineers Labyrinth Successive Alleys

Labyrinth Successive Alleys

Labyrinth Elevated Plus Maze

Labyrinth Elevated Plus Maze

Maze Engineers Labyrinth Sucrose Preference

Labyrinth Sucrose Preference

Maze Engineers Labyrinth Light Dark Box

Labyrinth Light Dark Box

Maze Engineers Labyrinth Barnes Maze

Labyrinth Barnes Maze

Maze Engineers Labyrinth T Maze

Labyrinth T Maze

Labyrinth 8 Arm Radial Maze Engineers

Labyrinth 8 Arm Radial

De Novo Methodologies

Establish novel preclinical science standards

Maze Engineers Labyrinth NOR

Novel Object Recognition: Replicate known tests validated in the literature

Inspired by the literature

Maze Engineers Novel Object Assay

Run complex, automated versions of the classic tests of the 1900’s

New Paradigms

Entirely new paradigms of prior performance driven conditional mazes

Sizing for Every Behavior Core









Automated Housing Environment

For 24/7 full automation

Intelligent Testing

With the Crete Frame, housing units directly attach to the Labyrinth. This allows for entirely automated self sufficient testing. The Crete Device knows when to release the next rodent into the maze, whether that is set as randomized or a specific order of your choosing.

Automated mouse interactions.

Multipurpose Intellitent Neuroscience Apparatus

Intelligent light cues, food reward, shock delivery

Intertrial consistency with no odor cues

Disinfecting Intelligent Neuroscience Agent

Feces and urine automated removal



2.04 m2

Total Footprint
  • Maximum Height: 92 cm
  • Minimum Height: 64 cm
  • Width: 143 cm
  • Length: 143 cm

Mouse with Crete

4.12 m2

Total Footprint
  • Maximum Height: 122 cm
  • Minimum Height: 64 cm
  • Width: 203 cm
  • Length: 203 cm


2.82 m2

Total Footprint
  • Maximum Height: 127 cm
  • Minimum Height: 92 cm
  • Width: 168 cm
  • Length: 168 cm

Rat with Crete

5.29 m2

Total Footprint
  • Maximum Height: 163 cm
  • Minimum Height: 92 cm
  • Width: 230 cm
  • Length: 230 cm