Complex Behaviors

Domains of Behavioral Tests

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Hey Folks!

We often hear from scientists and researchers to be that they have a hard time differentiating the many types of behavioral tests! We made this handy dandy cheat sheet for you to post on the wall, to remember.

Domain Tests

As a summary:

Anxiety: Elevated Plus Maze, Light-Dark Box, Elevated Zero Maze

Arousal: Prepulse inhibition, fear potentiated startle

Exploration: Open Field Test, Y maze

Ingestion: food preference, paw preference, two bottle choke test

Learning: Morris water maze, T maze with food reward, active shock avoidance, fear conditioning, radial mazes, barnes maze, Lashey III maze

Motor: Rotarod, Hole board, grip strength, balance beam

Social: Resident intruder test, social recognition test, social dominance test

Pain: Tail flick, hot place test, formalin test

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