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Chronic Social Defeat Stress: Cage setup


Long Arm Y-Maze

Height Test

Height Test

Dig Task

Gait Test

Gait Test

Triple Horizontal Bars Maze Engineers

Triple Horizontal Bars

Static Rods Test

Parallel Bars task is used in measuring and determining motor capabilities

Parallel Bars

Maze Engineers Puzzle Box

Puzzle Box

Attentional Set Shifting (IDED) Chamber

Bowtie mazes are used for a variety of choice experiments for mice and rats

Bowtie Mazes

Lashley III

Successive alleys test is a novel anxiety test that utilizes fear of open spaces as an assay

Successive Alleys

Skilled forelimb reaching task is a widely used motor assessment for mice and rats

Skilled Forelimb Test

The Horizontal Ladder test is a motor and coordination test for evaluating skilled walking for mice and rats

Horizontal Ladder

The geotaxis test is used to investigate motor coordination and vestibular sensitivity in rodents

Geotaxis Test

Repeated Acquisition and Performance Chamber

Repeated Acquisition and Performance Chamber

Hole Board is a behavioral test used in neuroscience to assess multiple aspects of unconditioned behavior

Hole Board

Hebb-Williams Maze is a behavioral task used for studying spatial working memory animals

Hebb Williams

Balance Beam

Tail suspension test is a standard test of depression

Tail Suspension

Novel Object Recognition

open field test

Open Field

Elevated Plus Maze

The elevated plus maze test is one of the most widely used tests for measuring anxiety-like behavior.

Barnes Maze

Barnes Maze

The Barnes maze is a widely used apparatus for learning and memory.

Zero Maze

Y Maze 2


T Maze

Radial Arm Maze

Maze Engineers Forced Swim Test

Forced Swim Test

Morris Water Maze Protocol

Morris Water Maze

Conditioned place preference chamber is a paradigm widely used to explore the reinforcing effects of natural and pharmacological stimuli

Conditioned Place Preference

Light/Dark box is extensively used to test anxiety-like behavior

Light Dark Box