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Circular Open Field

Open Field test is a popular protocol used to assess exploratory behavior and anxiety.


Chronic Social Defeat Stress: Cage setup

The Chronic Social Defeat Stress cage setup was used for testing depression in mice using a chronic social defeat stress model. Learn more.


Long Arm Y-Maze

Long arm Y-maze is the modification of Y-maze which capitalizes on rodent’s inherent tendency to explore new places. Learn more about it here.


Height Test

The Height Test is used to observe rodent’s behavior when subjected to aversive, anxiogenic and novel situations using height as a determinant.

Dig Task

The Dig task is an effective device created for studying cognitive dysfunction following traumatic brain injury or stroke.

Gait Test

Gait Test

Gait test is the user-friendly but very reliable task that was designed for evaluating the drugs affect on the gait and the stride length of the subjects.

Triple Horizontal Bars Maze Engineers

Triple Horizontal Bars

Triple Horizontal Bars can be used in various scientific studies that aim to measure both motor coordination and strength in rodents.

Static Rods Test

The Static Rods an easy-to-use static apparatus that proved to be effective in assessment of motor coordination.

More mazes for memory and learning tests


Inclined Plane Maze

The Inclined Plane Maze was used to determine the effect of different environments during infancy on adult behavior in the rat. Learn more about it here.


Suspended T-Maze

The Suspended T-Maze is used to assess spatial orientation.


Cheeseboard Maze

Cheeseboard Maze is a circular acrylic board with drilled wells arranged in a radial pattern. It is used to test for spotlight learning and memory in rodents. Learn more here.


Six Arm Maze

The Six Arm Maze is used to study spatial learning and memory in rodents. It consists of geometrically similar, but visually distinct multiple U-shaped sequential arms connected to a linear track.


Olfactory Hole Board

The Olfactory Hole Board test is an adaptation of the classic Hole Board Test that is often used in the assessment of unconditioned behavior, cognition, and social interaction.

Double Y Angulated Maze consist of two Y mazes joined at the end of each tail

Double Y Angulated Maze

The Double Y Angulated Maze can be used in a study to test whether the hippocampus is essential for vicarious trial-and-errors (VTEs) in a spatial memory task and in a simple visual discrimination (VD) task.

Forced 2-Choice Maze

Forced 2-Choice Maze

The Forced 2-Choice Maze is used in behavioral task to train rodents to overcome their natural aversion of light.

Circular central platform T Maze offered by MazeEngineers is used in experiments to investigate spatial navigation in rodents

Circular Central Platform T Maze

The circular central platform T Maze offered by MazeEngineers is used in experiments to investigate spatial navigation in rodents.

Hierarchal Maze

Hierarchal Maze

The Hierarchal maze is used to assess learning in mice and rats. Learn about the device and behavioral outcomes.

Double Bandit T Maze

Double Bandit T Maze

The Modified T-Maze task is a widely used apparatus designed for evaluating the decision-making process and behaviours in rodents.

Gap test is by Learoyd and Lifschitz is in rats, where they use their whiskers to judge whether the distance of an elevated gap is crossable

Gap Cross Test

The Gap Cross Test offered by MazeEngineers allows studying the chronic effects of whisker removal and traumatic brain injury.

Angle Entrance Task was devised for a diffuse brain injury rat model

Angle Entrance Task

Our adjustable Angle Entrance Task was created for a diffuse brain injury rat model.

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